Naravee Clinic

How the patients get their solution?

There are different ways to find out the solution for the patients complication. In this regard, the patient can move for the online media for searching out the hospital information, which is offering the best and perfect shape to the patient problem. In this way, the PAI Naravee Clinic is the best option to recovery the patient complication.

This hospital can offer the best features to the patient for solving the problem in best regard. The information can help the patient to knowing the perfect hospital for the problem so the patients need to move for the online media. After that the patient should wrote the informative information for choosing the best hospital to rectify the problem effectively.  Naravee Aesthetic clinic was established at 1985 in Khonkaen province, and home of main Medical school in Northeastern part of the Thailand. They do most of plastic reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic surgery in clinic as well as hospital. We also extend the service to the skin care for ten years period. Clinic has then moved from the Khonkaen to Bangkok as well as has also expanded to the new building with complete facilities in private atmosphere.

New building has four stories with just one underground floor with three operating rooms as well as ten beds. Location is in the Sukhumvit 103 that is on way between the new Suvarnabhumi Airport as well as central city center. Also, it takes just twenty minutes by the car from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Clinic. Philosophy of the practice is giving more than that we get and service cannot just give you procedure with the quality to meet all the customer's demand however as well peace of mind for patient's mind as well as money. We are now striving for good, especially provision of the updated knowledge as well as technique that includes supporting service for comforting you when you are under care.

Naravee is first in Thailand that found right tools, techniques as well as skill to take away fat in all right places. By making use of the ultra sound waves to the sculpture body so contours are very defined, dynamic as well as magnificently manly & feminine. It is done on body areas as well as will change the life with new found confidence as well as shape.

Now Dermatology as well as Laser Technique has used widely in the plastic surgery for achieving people look. The PAI Naravee Clinic was founded by the MD Preecha Teawthanon and successor of the PAI was started from Chonlada Clinic prior to 2545. Currently, MD Sukamard Suvannalaikorn that open the PAI: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – Dermatology & Laser Center. Dermatology & Laser Center totally makes use of new innovative as well as high standard in the equipments.