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PAI (Preecha's Aesthetic Institute) Clinic Thailand

PAI ThailandPAI clinic was founded by Dr. Preecha Tiewtanon, who's a well-known surgeons in Thailand, Asia, Europe, North America, Arabia, and Africa. Our pre- and post-operative patients will enjoy the benefits of open communication and shared their experinces with local and global patients. So, we try our best to serve with the atmost confidentiality and respect for privacy. Our staffs ware trained with 10-15 years experinces. Our clinic was interviewed by the interviwers around the world including BBC, CNN, NHK, Discovery channel, and TV5 from France, Belgium, Canada, England and Italy.

Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon dedicated himself to researching and utilizing effectiveness and leading-edge techniques to provide patient with the best field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Thailand. He has collected 33 yearsof practice in cosmetic and plastic surgery.