The results will be long lasting

Nose Results Thailand
Nose Results Thailand

One can imagine that undergoing cosmetic surgery comes with a certain amount of pain and discomfort and a person would not enter into such a procedure lightly.  The whole idea is that the effects of the surgery subtly alter the appearance to be more attractive and that the results will be long lasting.

What point to continually repeat a painful procedure if the effects only last a few months and then the person has to undergo another painful procedure, with all its accompanying risks and side effects?  I am delighted to inform you that with most cosmetic surgery procedures, the results will be long lasting, having an effect for the rest of the patients lifetime in some cases. 

Implants and reductions have the most noticeable effect and the results will be long lasting in such cases.  An implant is going to affect the shape and size of the affected body part for the rest of that individual’s life, unless they choose to later remove the implant or replace it with another one. 

Any surgical procedure will have long lasting results.  A facelift will have a dramatic effect upon the youthful appearance of the patient but over time the effects of ageing will again begin to take their toll.  A facelift can reverse the signs of ageing, but it cannot halt them permanently.  A patient may find that in ten or fifteen years time they may want to undergo another facelift if they feel it is necessary.

Implants are more permanent and should last the patients lifetime.  Implants are made from strong polymers and are filled with silicone, saline or other viscous fluids after being inserted into the body.  Advances in modern medicine have improved implants so that they can endure the patients lifetime and so that the results will be long lasting.

A surgical procedure like a nose job or nasal implant is also a permanent change that has results that will be long lasting.  Once the patient reaches sixteen years of age the nose is finished growing and so any alterations made to the nose thereafter are permanent.  Most people only undergo one nose surgery in their lifetimes, though for others they decide that they would like further work done.  Each subsequent surgery has a permanent effect upon the shape and appearance of the nose.  A prime example of this obsessive compulsion to alter the shape of the nose could be seen in the late Michael Jackson.

In other procedures like liposuction, the results will also be long lasting.  Providing the patient does not lose or gain dramatic amounts of weight the results of liposuction surgery are permanent.  Once again though, liposuction cannot halt the ageing process and over time the skin and muscles will sag, leading to an aged or tired appearance and in some cases the patient may want to undergo a second liposuction surgery to improve the tone and texture of the skin or to sculpt the shape of the body.