Terminology to Know

Nose Terminology Thailand
Nose Terminology Thailand

There are so many medical terms and this is a short glossary of some of the terminology used in cosmetic surgery.

Arm lift:  A surgical procedure to slim down the appearance of the upper arm by removing excess fatty tissue.

Body contouring:  This is a surgical procedure used to remove excess fat and sagging skin from the arms, buttocks, thighs and stomach of an individual who has gained and then lost a large amount of weight.

Botulinum Toxin:  A spider venom which is refined and then is injected into specific areas usually on the face to relax the muscles, smoothing out wrinkles.  The effects last for several months and the patient will usually have to have the procedure redone three times a year.

Breast augmentation:  A woman can have her breasts surgically augmented with implants to enhance their size and appearance.

Breast lift:  In this surgical procedure a woman can have the appearance of her breasts improved by having excess skin, glandular and fatty tissue removed and by having the nipple shifted to a higher position on the chest wall for a more youthful appearance.

Breast reduction:  Both women and men who are unhappy with the size of their breasts or chest area can have a surgical procedure to remove excess fat, glandular tissue and skin to decrease the size of their breasts.

Brow lift:  Patients undergo a brow lift to remove the appearance of horizontal lines on their foreheads and to raise the position of the eyebrows for a more youthful appearance.

Chemical peel:  This is a solution of various acids applied to the face to remove the surface layers of the skin and is used to treat pigmentation, wrinkles and acne.

Chin surgery:  Chin implants are usually inserted to fit against the front part of the lower jaw in patients who have a recessed or weak chin and is for cosmetic purposes.

Dermabrasion:  The surgeon uses a special tool to scrape away the top layer of the skin, usually on the face, where scars or pock marks have been left due to injury or acne.  The result is a smoother skin surface.

Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty):  This is a surgical procedure to remove excess fat, skin and muscle from the eye area to create a more youthful, wrinkle free appearance to the eyes.

Facelift:  During a facelift excess fatty tissue is removed from beneath the skin, muscles may be tightened and excess skin is trimmed away, giving a smooth, youthful appearance to the face.

Liposuction:  This is a technique that can be used throughout the body and helps to slim and contour areas of the face and body using a slim, hollow tube called a cannula which removes fatty tissue below the skin’s surface.

Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty):  A patient will undergo nose surgery to improve the appearance of the nose, incorporating an implant to pronounce the bridge, a refining of the bridge to correct a hump or asymmetry and also refining the nostrils and narrowing the base of the nose.

Tummy tuck:  During a tummy tuck excess fatty tissue is removed while the muscles are tightened.  Excess skin is trimmed away and the skin is tightened to give a slimmer, more attractive appearance.