Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

Bangkok hospital pattaya founded since wed, Fri WF 2533 has only 100 patient beds later on wed, MF 2543 medical center have created a unique building system. To accommodate the increased patient volume to encourage the development of medical services at a more specialized treatment. There are more than 200 beds available diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases with a comprehensive and advanced treatment, such as the heart center by spraying with color and coronary balloon expansion. This including the diversion of blood to heart surgery with a special effects without using heart-lung machine. The standard of treatment comparable to hospitals in bangkok. Moreover, our hospital is developing in accordance with the order is brain and nervous system, emergency & trauma center, cosmetic center.

Since the present operation in Bangkok Hospital Pattaya focused on providing comprehensive medical services and attention to continuous improvement in all aspects. This can be seen from the medical technology investments with for helptreatment in all diagnosis efficiently and more accurate such as electromagnetic field MRI, X-ray machine high-speed 64-Slice CT computer, three-dimensional and four-dimensional ultrasound machine, computer X-ray digital DSI, Division of disposal collection and transmission of medical images with digital PACS, and expanded color injection, including cardiovascular Cathlab helicopter pad and first aid room to transfer patients who are transported through the air.

Bangkok Pattaya Hospital is a private hospital Specialists regularly than 100 people and 200 doctors consult your medical care, multi-branch Comprehensive and most advanced in the East. To ensure clients receive the best care. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has a new 15-storey building connected to the group expanded the original building. Improve the buildings. And landscaping on over 23 rai on the operation is complete. Will be the only medical center hospital system fully. A large number of beds to 400 beds, the design service area decorated equipped with modern facilities comparable leading hotels. But it is still warm. Comfortable as staying at home. And ensure the safety of care by medical personnel and availability of medical technology.

With a location in Pattaya, a tourist destination with world-renowned. The tourists both Thai and foreigners from around the world, alternating throughout the year to visit. As well as regions with major industrial estates of the country. Bangkok Pattaya Hospital has won the trust of foreign clients to more than 100,000 people annually, or approximately 40% of all users. Bangkok Pattaya Hospital. It makes it easy for customers with interpreting foreign languages for more than 20 facilities in various Since the insurance paperwork. Coordination embassy. To transfer patients overseas. It also provides language instruction to learn about different cultural traditions of each nation to employees at all levels. Services to the disabled. Meet the expectations of foreign languages and foreign cultures. We understand the importance of accurate communication as a starting point of good service and maintain the correct In the meantime, we continue to focus on Thai patients as the core of our equal in everything always.

Since the operation the hospital so far has focused on providing comprehensive medical services. And attention to continuous improvement in all aspects. This can be seen from the fields of medical specialists increased to order the establishment / development of clinical and medical services or specific disease continued. And say that. The hospital with various medical and healthcare field. Most comprehensive in North East