Phuket International Hospital

The first private hospital was opened in phuket named in Siriroj Hospital(or Phuket International Hospital). This hospital founded by Dr. Anuroj Tharasiriroj, physician specialist in endocrine diseases from United States and Dr. Supranee Tharasiriroj, pediatrician who usetheir ability and knowledge of medical developing the public health in phuket and climb up with other area in thailand.

In 2521, MD. Anuroj Petty opened a private clinic Sirirot Clinic on Phang Nga Road, Phuket with restrictions on medical "Sirirot clinic" that can provide patients stay overnight in the clinic to monitor symptoms closely and continuously in the year 2525, MD. Anuroj has established hospital named "Sirirot Hospital" at krabi road. It is 35 beds include outpatient exam rooms, patients room, delivery room doctors in the operating room key areas as per your pediatrician is a physician and surgeon obstetrician.

After operation for 10 years the hospital has grown up as with the growth of Phuket. The hospital has expansion to increase capacity to provide a medical care to the standard and universality to facilitate and to ensure that both Thai and foriegn patient are get a good service.

Late in 2536 Sirirot Hospital. Has relocation to the Royal Road, Rama 9 Road, or pass an area of 10 rai under the Phuket International Hospital Ltd, (Phuket International Hospital Company Limited) and changed its name from "Sirirot Hospital" to "hospital Sirirot" The first phase is a 105 beds in hospital.

Phuket is a beautiful tourist destination. Tourists can have both Thai and foreign visitors throughout the year. Resulting in growth of the community in Phuket, along with the growth of tourism. As a result of population increase and the number of incoming tourists in Phuket. The service area of the Siriroj hospital start not enough to accommodate patients. Therefore, buildings are added to service new patients and began its service in November 2550 which resulted in increasing the number of patient beds to 151 beds and more space for patients outside a second floor room of intensive care (ICU) New Aesthetic Surgery Center. Parking indoor as well as adding new personnel, medical clinic and modern medical equipment to make it more comprehensive.

In addition, hospitals also have a network Sirirot Hospital affiliated with a leading hospital in bangkok to provide coordinated forward patients. For locals who wish to receive treatment by medical specialists such as heart by pass, and for tourists who wish to return to treatment for their province or country.