Preparing for Surgery

Nose Preparing Thailand
Nose Preparing Thailand

Surgery is an invasive, traumatic experience and one should not approach it lightly.  The word ‘cosmetic’ and ‘elective’ does not make it any less serious than any other form of surgery and there are also inherent risks and side effects to consider that are associated with surgery.  You as a patient should make certain preparations before surgery to ensure that you enjoy a speedy and complication free recovery.  Preparing for surgery is a process that should begin weeks before you undergo your elected procedure.

Your weight

One of the things to consider when preparing for surgery is your current weight and state of fitness.  If you are carrying excess weight your surgeon may actually advise you to lose the extra poundage before you go undergo surgery, particularly if you are going to elect to have something like a tummy tuck done. 

The fitter you are, the more quickly you will recover from the operation.  You are also less likely to have complications, so throw out the junk food, stock up on healthy fruit and veggies and start an exercise routine.  This may be as simple as taking your dog for a walk each morning or investing in a gym contract and actually going!

Stop smoking

Smokers everywhere feel that they are fighting a losing battle where their rights are concerned.  They are no longer allowed to smoke in public or social venues and that after dinner cigarette in your favourite restaurant is now a firm no-no.  Smoking does affect the body’s ability to transport oxygen and much needed nutrients around the body and is responsible for constricting the arteries and blood vessels.  If you are a smoker, you are advised to quit smoking at least two weeks before surgery as it will slow the healing process.

Controlling your diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes you will need to ensure that you have it under control before you undergo any cosmetic surgery procedure.  Diabetes if left untreated or if not properly monitored can have adverse effects on your health and will definitely affect the healing process.  Be sure to consult your doctor and ascertain that your diabetes is under control before signing up and preparing for elective surgery.

Stop taking supplements

In almost every household the world over you will find a shelf in the bathroom or perhaps in the kitchen that is simply stacked with all manner of vitamins and herbal supplements.  The health conscious individual will be sure to take in trace elements, minerals and vitamins that may be lacking in their daily diet.  You may be surprised to learn that preparing for surgery incorporates stopping the intake of all supplements. 

Some herbal supplements can affect the viscosity of the blood, thinning it.  This can be very dangerous if you are about to undergo surgery, particularly if the bloods natural clotting ability is affected.  You are advised to stop taking all manner of vitamins and herbal supplements at least two weeks before surgery.

Stop drinking alcohol

Preparing for surgery means preparing your body to be in a healthy state before you undergo a traumatic and invasive elective surgery.  You are advised to stop drinking alcohol at least two weeks before surgery as alcohol thins the blood and causes damage to the body’s organs over time.