Facts about Tip Nose Surgery in Thailand

Tip Nose Surgery Thailand
Tip Nose Surgery Thailand

The old saying “follow your nose” is a well-used one, yet what of the nose?  This marvellous olfactory instrument, so apparently simple in design, consists of bone, cartilage, tissue and skin and comes in every shape and size imaginable.  The shape of the tip of the nose has a far-reaching effect upon its overall appearance.  For some, they feel that their nose tip is too large, or too pointed, is too down turned or may even not be prominent enough.  It is these individuals who are likely to consider tip nose surgery in Thailand.

Am I a candidate for tip nose surgery in Thailand?

If you are over the age of sixteen and are physically and mentally in a healthy state and feel that you are unhappy with the shape of the tip of your nose, then you are a likely candidate.  If you feel that the tip of your nose is either too long, too pointed, too bulbous, too downward facing or if the tip of your nose has been damaged or is asymmetrical due to injury or accident, then you too are a candidate for surgery.

What does tip nose surgery in Thailand entail?

During a pre-operative consultation with your plastic surgeon you will discuss your expectations of the surgery.  The plastic surgeon will be able to decide what is needed and once you have both agreed on a course of action your surgery will be booked.  You will either be put under general anaesthetic or you may opt for local anaesthetic with a sedative to make you drowsy during the procedure. 

The cosmetic surgeon will make an incision inside the nasal cavity or an incision may be made at the base of the nose.  Excess bone, cartilage and tissue will be carefully removed to sculpt the tip of the nose to a more aesthetically pleasing shape.  A small saw may be used to sculpt the bone if necessary.  Excess skin is trimmed away and the surgeon will use neat sutures to seal the incision to minimise any possible scarring.  A splint or cast will be applied to support the newly shaped tip of the nose during the healing process.

Will I experience any pain with tip nose surgery in Thailand?

Any surgical procedure involves a degree of pain and tip nose surgery is no exception.  The pain will be mild to moderate and patients may experience a throbbing or burning sensation accompanied with a sensation of numbness.  This is perfectly normal after this sort of procedure and can be easily controlled with pain medication.

How long will I take to recover from tip nose surgery in Thailand?

You will feel the most discomfort during the first week or two after the surgery.  You should be able to return to work after the first week and should be able to return to normal activities by six weeks after surgery.  You can expect to see the final results of the surgery up to six months afterwards.

Will there be any scars from tip nose surgery in Thailand?

If you undergo a surgical procedure you can expect to have a scar, which is the body’s natural healing process, though scars should be minimal.  Careful placement either inside the nasal cavity or at the base of the nose will render any scars nearly invisible.