Facts: What is nose surgery?

What is Nose Surgery Thailand
What is Nose Surgery Thailand

Any individual who has gazed in the mirror and been unhappy with the shape, size and overall appearance of their nose has uttered the words, “I wish I could change my nose.”  In days gone by those of us who were unfortunate enough to be born with what many term a Roman nose, simply had to live with this fact.  Until a genius developed the idea of nose surgery… what is nose surgery?  It is the answer to your nose dilemma!

What is nose surgery and am I a candidate?

Nose surgery is the surgical augmentation of the nose to create a more balanced appearance to the nose, removing any humps, bumps or irregularities and straightening the bridge of the nose.  It may also involve minimising the size of the nostrils.  You are an ideal candidate for nose surgery if you are above the age of sixteen years, are physically healthy, are emotionally and mentally stable and feel unhappy about the size and shape of your nose.

What is nose surgery and what does it entail?

A patient will book a pre-operative consultation with their cosmetic surgeon to discuss the details of the surgery and to decide what the best course of action may be.  Once you and your surgeon agree on the procedure you will be booked in for surgery where you will be put under general anaesthetic so that you sleep during the procedure.

The cosmetic surgeon will make an incision inside the nasal cavity to minimise scarring and will proceed to remove excess bone, cartilage and tissue, sculpting the nose to a more pleasing shape.  Should the nostrils and the base of the nose need to be made smaller to balance the nose better, then further incisions will be made at the base of the nose and where the nostril meets the cheek. 

More excess tissue and cartilage is removed before the surgeon uses fine sutures to reposition the nostrils for a more appealing and balanced effect.  The nose is then wrapped in a bandage and a splint is applied to not only protect the nose but to support the newly sculpted tissue and to prevent too much swelling.

Is there any pain associated with nose surgery?

You can expect to feel some pain and discomfort, but this is easily controlled with pain medication and the worst of the symptoms should fade in the second week.

What is nose surgery’s risk of scarring?

Scarring is minimal, though present.  Careful placement of scars means that they are barely visible and will fade over time.  Placement inside the nasal cavity and at the base of the nose means that they will be very hard to spot.

What is nose surgery’s risks and side effects?

Patients may experience pain, bruising, inflammation, swelling, bleeding, infection, slow wound healing, infection and a feeling of numbness that may be permanent if nerve damage has been sustained.  Small broken blood capillaries are also a possibility.  Scarring is also a possibility, though the risk of keloid scar formation is minimal.